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Research and Teaching Online

February 13, 2008

Notes to myself:

How can we use the internet for teaching and research? Here are some thoughts on this.

1) Share your work with others, i.e. put your papers online so that others who might be interested can find them.

2) Post not just lecture notes but also your complete lectures (audio+video) online. I’ll try how this works next semester.

3) Use podcasts and videos to hear what others are saying, for example:

Duncan K. Foley, Distinguished Guest Lecture, HES 2008

Stephen Marglin on the Future of Capitalism

Robert Frank on his new book (youtube video)

Interview with Stuart Kauffman (video)

Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey

Lance Taylor: Can poor peoples’ income grow? (youtube video)

EconTalk, weekly economics podcasts hosted by Russ Roberts