This semester’s seminars at Bremen University

June 23, 2009

Monday, 06.07.2009
5 pm (Rotunde 3)
Tibor Neugebauer (Uni Luxembourg)
Moral Impossibility in the Petersburg Paradox: A Literature Survey and Experimental Evidence

Tuesday, 30.06.2009
5 pm (Rotunde 2)
Fred Lee (UMKC)
“Heterodox” Production and Cost Theories of the Business Enterprize

Tuesday, 23.06.2009
5 pm (Rotunde 2)
Stephen Kinsella, Edward Nell and Matthias Greiff
Interaction Heterogeneous Agents Produce Endogeneous Inquality

Tuesday, 16.06.2009
3 pm (Rotunde 2)
Christian Cordes (MPI Jena)
Choosing Your Role Models: Social Learning and the Engel Curve

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